Pathway Now Open for Canola as Advanced Biofuels

The Environmental Protection Agency announced its regulatory agenda for this year, which includes designating renewable diesel fuels derived from canola oil as “advanced biofuels” under the RFS. “The NFU has long advocated for increased use of biofuels due to their tremendous benefits for the environment while providing much-needed market alternatives and economic stability to America’s farming and rural communities,” says Rob Larew, National Farmers Union President. In a recent letter to the USDA, the NFU calls for the administration to support increased growth of biofuel production, which will support increasing investments in rural communities and mitigate the effects of climate change. He says regulatory certainty is needed to expand production, remove any distortions in the market for canola oil, and make additional investments in processing. ”The EPA announcement is encouraging, and we urge prompt action to provide much-needed market alternatives and economic stability in rural America,” Larew adds. The rule-making will take place in January 2022.

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