Proposed Research to Focus on Potato Nematodes

University of Idaho researchers have put a target on the back of a couple of nematode varieties that are considered a serious threat to potatoes, but they need your help to continue their studies.

Associate professor Louise-Marie Dandurand says they’re developing a project to find ways to control the nematodes that are economically impactful to growers. “The potato cyst nematode, there is one species that is found only in New York, and the other species is found only in Idaho. And both of them are quarantine-regulated pests and very, very hard to control and manage.”

Dandurand says there’s a great need for this research. “So, these nematodes are very difficult to control, partially because potatoes are completely susceptible to them. So, we’re trying to find, first of all, ways to control them and also develop resistant potatoes.”

And you can help, Dandurand says with a simple letter. “Yes, we are looking for letters of support from the industry to help us indicate that this is a priority for the industry. And so, that helps the panel which will review our project to determine that yes, the industry is really interested in this research.”

Dandurand says if she got 50 letters to share with the committee, she’d be thrilled.

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