Senators Talk Pesticide Registration Struggles with Regan

Four senators from farm country talked with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan about recent agency decisions that will restrict farmer access to crop protection products. The EPA has issued several decisions that will hinder farmers’ ability to control weeds and pests, which can cripple plants and severely undermine crop yields. The senators pointed out that will adversely impact farmers’ ability to efficiently and effectively produce the commodities that feed the world. The senators were Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst of Iowa, Mike Braun of Indiana, and Dr. Roger Marshall of Kansas. “Crop protection products play a crucial role in food production, yet they’re a common target of the Biden administration,” they said in a joint statement after the meeting. The four say that EPA isn’t sufficiently engaged with USDA, the product registrants, and growers to fully understand what the implications of their decisions can be. They include decisions on biological evaluations, Dicamba, and Chlorpyrifos.

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