Cornell, ARS Combine to Offer National Hemp Webinar Series

The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service is teaming up with Cornell University to launch a webinar series on hemp research. The goal is to broaden the scope of training, education, and connectivity within the U.S. hemp community. “Hemp is rapidly becoming a critical multi-use and economically significant crop, so this hemp series is designed to provide hemp-specific education, training, and networking opportunities to historically underserved communities,” says Zach Stansell, ARS Geneticist, and acting hemp curator.  “Training and educating new scientists from many different backgrounds is critical to achieving the most cutting-edge solutions to an array of issues producers face,” says Cornell Crop Specialist Daniela Vergara. “Those issues include everything from climate change to economic viability.” Research experts in academia, laboratories, production facilities, and private industry will give the online lectures. The first webinar will cover outdoor cultivation on January 26. For more information, including topics and webinar schedules, go to

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