USDA, Justice Department Launch Online Anti-Competition Reporting Tool

Farmers and ranchers can now anonymously report potentially unfair and anti-competitive practices in the livestock and poultry sectors. The USDA and the Justice Department launched an online tool to make it easier for farmers to file those reports. “This new online tool will help USDA and the Justice Department address anti-competitive actions and create livestock and poultry markets that are fair to our nation’s producers,” says Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. “I encourage producers who are aware of potential violations of competition laws to submit information to the portal so we can take appropriate actions to create more competitive markets in the agricultural sector.” The online reporting tool is at Vilsack calls it a “one-stop-shop” to report violations of competition laws that will allow the departments to collaborate early, vigorously enforce the law, and ensure economic opportunities and fairness for everyone. Users can submit information with or without their names and contact information.

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