Beef Industry Defends Sustainability Record

The beef industry is defending its sustainability record against attacks in the mainstream media that it does more damage to the environment than good.

The mainstream media continues to target the beef cattle industry for polluting and warming the planet, though industry leaders say that’s ‘bull.’

Idaho producer Kim Brackett for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association told a House Ag panel recently, EPA figures show beef cattle emit just two percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. “Not only are beef cattle not significant contributors to the full emissions profile, but what cattle and cattle producers do, helps to avoid other kinds of emissions, like those from catastrophic wildfire, and it makes lands more drought resilient.”

Brackett argues loss of grazing lands through overregulation means loss of migratory habitats. “Every day, our industry loses vital grasslands to development or other non-agricultural uses. It is of the utmost importance that we preserve our legacy carbon sinks across this country—especially our grazing lands.”

Through private markets for creating wildlife habit, filtering water and capturing carbon.

Brackett says Congress can also help. “By ensuring that ranches can effectively be passed to the next generation, and by working to protect cattle producers from unaffordable regulatory burden.”

NCBA and other livestock and farm groups continue to fight EPA’s effort to renew Obama-era WOTUS rules, an issue the Supreme Court has agreed to take up soon, after earlier ruling against premature EPA fines for alleged wetlands violations.

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