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2021 Beef Exports Shatter Records

American beef exports shattered previous volume and value records in 2021, surpassing $10 billion for the first time. Analysis from the U.S. Meat Export Federation shows pork exports finishing slightly below the record level of 2020 but setting a new value record, surpassing $8 billion for the first time. December beef exports totaled almost 125,000 metric tons, up one percent from last year, while value jumped 33 percent higher to $992 million. These results pushed the 2021 total to 1.44 million metric tons. Beef exports to Korea, Japan, China, and Hong Kong each exceeded $2 billion, setting new volume and value records. December pork exports dropped 17 percent from 2020, finishing at 215,900 metric tons. The value was 12 percent lower at $604 million. For the year, pork export volume hit 2.92 million metric tons, two percent lower than the 2020 record. However, the export value did rise five percent higher to a record $8.11 billion.

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