Dairy Groups: New FDA Commissioner Needs to Address Misuse of Dairy Labels

Dairy industry organizations urge the new Food and Drug Administration Commissioner to stop the mislabeling of imitation dairy foods. Edge Dairy Cooperative, The International Dairy Foods Association and the National Milk Producers Federation, all congratulated Dr. Robert Califf’s on his confirmation this week. Califf is a cardiologist who served as the FDA commissioner in the last year of the Obama administration. During his nomination hearing, when asked about plant-based foods using dairy terms, Califf responded, “There is almost nothing more fundamental about safety than people understanding exactly what they’re ingesting.” Edge Dairy Cooperative President Brody Stapel says, “The simple fact that the new commissioner has acknowledged that, is a big step in the right direction.” NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern stated, “We look forward to working with Dr. Califf as he resolves this long-standing, and growing, concern.” IDFA President and CEO Michael Dykes added, “IDFA and our member companies are hopeful for a more collaborative relationship with FDA on matters of food safety, food standards, labeling, and nutrition and health.”

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