National FFA and Syngenta partner for inaugural Executive in Residence

The National FFA Organization is partnering with Syngenta to lay the foundation for a national equity, diversity and inclusion strategy. The strategy will impact members, staff, leadership and directly influence the organization’s programs, services and events. Recognizing the importance of an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strategy, National FFA partnered with Syngenta to develop the inaugural Executive in Residence program. Syngenta’s North America Diversity and Inclusion Lead Brandon Bell will serve as the executive in residence for organizational development and culture as a part of the partnership. Bell will help FFA create a framework to implement and measure the organization’s ED&I goals. Bell has partnered with leaders to design, deliver, and implement equity, diversity, and inclusion interventions for a decade. National FFA CEO Scott Stump says, “We want to ensure our current and future members feel welcomed, and FFA is indeed a place for all to feel valued and contribute to our mission.”

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