ARC/PLC Signup Deadline is March 15

Producers who have yet to enroll in the Agriculture Risk Management or Price Loss Coverage programs for the 2022 crop year must do so by March 15. The USDA programs provide vital income support to farmers experiencing a substantial decline in crop prices or revenues. “The ARC and PLC programs provide critical financial protections to many American farmers,” says Zach Ducheneaux, administrator of the Farm Service Agency. “As producers continue to weather a pandemic and new climate-induced disasters, these programs are even more important.” Producers can elect coverage and enroll in ARC-County or PLC, which are crop-by-crop, or ARC-individual, which is for the entire farm. Although election changes for 2022 are optional, producers must enroll through a signed contract each year. If producers miss the deadline, the election remains the same as the 2021 election for crops on the farm. Farmers have completed 54 percent of the expected 1.8 million contracts so far.

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