Producer-Led RIPE Expands Steering Committee

Rural Investment to Protect our Environment, or RIPE, announced Monday the National Black Growers Council recently joined its steering committee. RIPE Executive Director Aliza Drewes says, “The council’s mission of advocating for Black farmers with a focus on sustainability aligns with RIPE’s focus of creating a strong climate policy that works for all farmers and ranchers.” RIPE is self-described as a producer-led nonprofit advancing a groundbreaking, bipartisan climate policy plan that works for producers and the public. Through payments of $100 per acre or animal unit, the RIPE100 plan would reward producers for the total public value of their conservation practices, including no-till and cover crops. In addition to carbon sequestration, the voluntary federal program would pay for improved soil health, cleaner water, biodiversity and other environmental services. Payments would also help farmers and ranchers manage rising input costs, such as fertilizer, due to climate policy while giving them a reasonable return.

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