Canadian Pacific Railway and Union Reach Agreement, Return to Work

Canadian Pacific Railway this week announced an agreement with the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference – Train and Engine Negotiating Committee to enter into a binding arbitration. The move ended a work stoppage. The work stoppage began Saturday and ended Tuesday afternoon. In the announcement, Canadian Pacific said it will immediately begin working with customers to resume normal train operations across Canada as soon as possible. The union represents approximately 3,000 locomotive engineers, conductors, train and yard workers across Canada. The Western Grain Elevator Association in Canada had called on the two sides to reach an agreement and end the work stoppage quickly. Rail service is essential to get grain off the Prairies to customers and ports across North America and globally. The association says serious challenges with rail service have already resulted in irreparable damage to Canada’s reputation with its customers, and are adding to inflationary pressures on food prices abroad.

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