Corn Growers Ask Administration for More Homegrown Fuels

Corn grower leaders from 19 states combined to send a letter to President Biden asking him to use existing emergency authorities to tap more homegrown fuels like ethanol. The goal is to help stabilize energy markets and lower the price of fuel for consumers. The letter asks the president to prevent consumers from losing the choice of E15, a higher ethanol blend that costs less at the pump and reduces emissions. A 2021 court decision resulting from oil industry efforts to limit the growth of higher ethanol blends ended year-round market access for E15. That ban will begin this summer without action from the administration or Congress. “We urge your administration to act to prevent consumers from losing access to a lower-cost fuel option on June 1,” the letter says. The Corn Growers say increasing the use of lower-cost and lower-emission E15 could easily replace oil imports from Russia.

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