Alltech Finding Mycotoxin in 2021 Forages

Alltech’s 2021 U.S. Harvest Analysis shows that the mycotoxin risk for forage harvested in 2021 was much higher than the previous year. As dairy producers break open their forage bunks and take 2021 corn out of their silos, the mycotoxin risk is amplified in the volume of total mixed rations (TMR) getting tested in Alltech laboratories. Of the almost 140 TMR samples that Alltech has tested since the start of January, 100 percent contain mycotoxins. The average number of mycotoxins in each sample is 7.5. Alltech team members are working with dairy producers on-farm and seeing mycotoxins impact factors such as dry matter intake, milk production, digestion, reproduction, gut health, and immune response. “High levels of multiple mycotoxins are causing significant issues with health and performance on-farm,” says Dr. Max Hawkins, a technical expert with Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management team. “Unfortunately, it’s not a problem that’s likely to disappear anytime soon.”

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