USDA Announces the Emergency Livestock Relief Program

Brandy and Kevin Evans, Producers

The USDA announced that livestock producers who have approved applications through the 2021 Livestock Forage Program will soon have extra assistance. Producers will receive emergency relief payments for increases in supplemental feed costs in 2021 through the Farm Service Agency’s new Emergency Livestock Relief Program. Gloria Montaño-Greene, Deputy Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation, talks about the help that USDA is making available.

“What we’re going to be doing is we’ll be providing payments to producers who had an increased feed cost due to forage loss that they had because of drought and wildfire. This was anything that happened in the calendar year 2021, so we are being informed by the data we already have. As I said, we want to think about how do we think about getting money to producers, getting money to livestock ranchers, who’ve already come and talked to us and signed up for the Livestock Forage Program. But the Livestock Forage Program, or LFP, didn’t fully address their scenario and their situation.”

The information already available from the more than 100,000 grant applications to the LFP will help the agency target relief where it’s needed the most.

“We’re leveraging the LSP because this is a program that we know where the community has been impacted, but we know that it doesn’t cover a lot of things that are affecting a producer, so the increased feed cost they had to deal with, this is definitely touching all parts of the country. But really, the Western and Great Plains states are going to be the ones that are probably going to see the most immediate relief.”

Farmers who applied for help under the Livestock Forage Program don’t have to file any additional information for the assistance.

“If you did apply to it and you completed the paperwork that you needed to have there and all the forms in place with your Farm Service Agency, there’s nothing else for you to do. If you applied for it and you did not complete your respective applications, I would just make sure to contact your local Farm Service Agency Office.”

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