U.S., Mexican Agriculture Secretaries Meet to Address Shared Priorities

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack met with his counterpart in Mexico Tuesday and announced the opening of Mexico to U.S. potato exports by May 15. A Department of Agriculture statement says they met to continue cooperation on shared priorities, including open trade, science-based policy-making, and sustainable and climate-smart agricultural production. Following the meeting, Vilsack announced that the United States and Mexico have concluded all necessary plant health protocols and agreed to a final visit by Mexican officials in April that finalizes expanded access to the entire Mexican market for all U.S. table stock and chipping potatoes. The leaders also discussed enhancing plant and animal health cooperation to meet emerging threats and to promote food security. Two-way trade in food and agricultural products between the United States and Mexico reached a record $63 billion in 2021, and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement has further enhanced the strong relationship between the North American neighbors.

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