Ethanol Myths Flying Again on Biden E15 Summertime Waiver

Ethanol myths took flight again after President Biden approved an emergency waiver for summertime sales of 15-percent ethanol-blended gasoline. The old ‘food vs. fuel’ argument is back, but the ethanol industry calls it a ‘myth’ that using more corn for fuel raises food prices.

The industry’s backers in Congress agree. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley; “What I’d say to that is, if we didn’t have an ethanol industry, instead of producing 15 billion bushel of corn, we’d be producing ten billion bushel of corn, and the impact on food would be the same.”

Grassley used a choice word to describe oil industry surrogates renewing the argument, we’re burning our food. “The people that make that argument are stupid about the capabilities of agriculture, meeting the needs of feeding the people, as well as ethanol production and feeding animals and all of that stuff.”

Other debunked claims, that E15 harms engines, causes more, not less pollution, that EPA banned its summertime use over smog concerns, and that E15 costs more than pure gasoline.

Grassley charges the Biden Administration needs to do more to promote E15 use to the oil industry; “And I think the administration could help that a lot on being very vocal on the values of E15, as opposed to being standoffish.”

President Biden’s emergency summertime E15 waiver’s only good for this summer, not permanently, after a successful oil industry lawsuit halted summertime sale that lasted three-years.

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