Midwest Lawmakers Hope for Permanent E15 Fix, But Not Optimistic

Midwest lawmakers are hoping for a more permanent ‘fix’ for the summertime gap in E15 sales after the administration approved an emergency waiver just for this summer. However, some lawmakers are doubtful. Central Illinois Republican Representative Rodney Davis points to the temporary nature of the latest green light for E15 summer sales.

“I certainly hope there’s a push by the administration, but I’m not optimistic. I think they were drug kicking and screaming to just do this summer, this one summer, this three-month-long process.”

What Davis and others see as a tough political decision for the White House.

“And just doing it for three short months is just ‘window dressing, right now.’ The president knows, the administration knows that they can lower the price of gasoline for every American right now, the price of fuel, by going to a year-round E15 blend.”

But opposition from ethanol’s detractors, including ‘big oil,’ has complicated the effort. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley complains the administration, at the same time, let 31 oil refiners granted illegal ethanol waivers off the hook in making up that lost volume. And Biden waited until just one-and-a-half months before the start of the summer driving season to make the E15 announcement—hardly enough time, Grassley says, for some retailers to install E15 pumps.

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