Nebraska Legislature Passes E15 Sales Credit

One week after the Biden administration decided to allow for the summertime sale of E15, Nebraska’s lawmakers passed a bill that will provide incentives for retailers who sell the biofuel. KNSB in Nebraska says LB596 allows for a credit of five cents on each gallon of E15 retailers sell and eight cents per gallon of E25 or higher blends sold. The goal is to make ethanol more affordable for retailers who are helping keep fuel prices down for consumers. “At the retail level, E15 is a better fuel, and it costs less,” says Randy Gard, Nebraska Ethanol Board Secretary. “We are excited the bill got passed and to see what it can do for customers.” Gard also says Nebraska retailers have nothing standing in their way to making the transition from E10 and joining the conversion to E15. “The incentives are there, consumer demand is there, and it’s a win for everyone,” Gard adds.

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