Governors Want to Increase Sales of Higher-Blend Ethanol

Governors from eight Midwestern states want the Biden administration to apply rules that would allow them to sell gasoline with higher blends of ethanol year-round in their states. US News Dot Com says while the administration will allow summertime sales of E15 this year, biofuel advocates want a more permanent action to allow year-round E15 sales to stimulate demand. The Clean Air Act allows governors to ask the EPA to put the specifications for the volatility of E15 and E10 on the same footing. The Midwest governors told EPA last week that they’re pursuing this route to enable year-round E15 sales. “These states are guiding the way ahead on E15,” says Renewable Fuels Association President Geoff Cooper. “We’re calling on other states to follow their lead so E15 can benefit drivers across the country year-round.” The states involved in the move include 57 percent of the nation’s 2,512 stations currently selling E15.

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