Ukraine Facing Grain Storage Crunch

A sharp fall in exports resulting from the Russian invasion is causing a significant shortage of storage facilities in Ukraine for the 2022-2023 season. Analyst APK-Inform says that Ukraine is getting forced to export grain by train over its western border or from smaller ports along the Danube River. APK-Inform says that Ukraine’s exports may total just 45.5 million tons of the 2021 record-harvest total of 86 million tons. Reuters says grain and oilseed stocks at the end of the current season may reach an all-time high of 21.3 million tons. That volume is 4.2 times higher than in the previous season and won’t allow Ukraine to release a significant share of its storage capacity for any new harvest that comes in. Ukraine is typically a major grain and oilseed grower for the world, but exports have dropped sharply. Ukraine exported 763,000 tons in April compared to 2.8 million tons at the same time last year.

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