NPB Gets Real About Real Pork

Real Pork is the trust and image brand of the National Pork Board. It’s designed to tell the real stories from the real farms that support the pork industry, and highlights the real flavor and the real, unforgettable moments created at mealtime. The Pork Board’s Senior Vice President of Communications Jacque Matsen says Real Pork launched last year with its “Pork as a Passport” effort.

“Where we encourage consumers to use flavors from around the world, but more recently we’ve had the opportunity to do our myth busting campaign and that has been more about using humor and taking approachable, well-known terms and reframing them for consumers in order to help them learn about how pork is raised.”

Real Pork is not an ad campaign — it is the identity for the pork industry from farm to fork. National Pork Board President and Indiana pork producer Heather Hill explains.

“We are real people that live in the same communities as our consumers and live lives very much like them. We also just happened to raise pigs. And so, it takes it from farm to fork as real people producing real pork which is real food for them to eat.”

Through extensive research, the Pork Board confirmed pork has significant opportunities to win with consumers. Matsen says one thing they have learned from the pandemic was consumers increasingly questioned where their food comes from.

“The consumer base that really became very tuned in to where their food came from and wanted to know more, and here we were also at the same time, ready to launch a new brand that really answered those very questions for consumers, not just about the products that they would find in the grocery store but the practice is behind it, the people behind it.”

Producers who would like to find out more about Real Pork can go to

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