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NFU Highlights 2023 Goals at Annual Convention

Top issues for the National Farmers Union focus on fairness for farmers. NFU President Rob Larew during the organization’s annual convention this week in San Fransico, California, explains more.

Larew; “It’s hard to talk about any of the issues concerning agriculture without talking about the Farmers Union’s Fairness for Farmers campaign, a campaign that is really trying to lift up and show folks exactly what the kind of the monopolization of agriculture is facing. This is everything from right to repair to making sure that we have better cattle markets, make sure that farmers are getting fair prices, that there’s truth in labeling. Part of this of course is also with an eye toward the next farm bill.”

The good news is, Larew says, many in Washington, D.C. are listening. Larew; “The nice thing about these issues is that when you explain them, they’re easily understood and everything from consumers to Republicans and Democrats, understand the challenges here. And so, we do think that there are real opportunities to make some progress.”

That all comes as Larew says NFU membership is increasing.

Larew; “I think our message is getting out there, right? When you speak truth to a lot of these challenges that family farmers and ranchers are facing these days, and just all of the pressure against them, trying to do the right thing, trying to make agriculture much more fair for everyone, no guarantees, of course for anybody, but at least a fair shake. That’s what everybody wants. And so I think that message that farmers union delivers out there consistently, and the progress that we’re making is getting some attraction.”

Story provided by NAFB News Service and Brain Winnekins, WRDN, Durand, Wisconsin

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