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What to Expect From the Pork Industry Forum?

The Pork Industry Forum on March 8-10 is an opportunity for producers, alongside National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council, to come together to address obstacles and present opportunities for the coming year. NPB President Heather Hill is encouraging producers to voice their opinions about the industry.

Hill; “If you aren’t certain how your checkoff dollars being spent or what’s being done on behalf of you. get involved, and be a delegate and, we have open seating in the back, so even if you’re not a delegate and you want to come to forum, that opportunity exists.”

Hill said last year’s Pork Act Delegates passed a reduction in the Checkoff rate, from 40 cents to 35 cents per $100 of value. She shares how the industry has responded. Hill; “You’re never excited for a budget decrease, but I feel like we have worked even harder as a board, along with our amazing staff. to be even that much more efficient with the dollars we do have and to make sure that we’re still being very judicious with the checkoff dollars we have and working on the priorities that are so important for our industry.”

With a lot happening on the farm and at the Pork Forum, Hill appreciates all the dedication to the industry.

Hill; “I know firsthand the sacrifice that many and all of our delegates are making to be at forum and to take that time to be there for, it’s a couple days they need to be there, and so we try to make sure that we have a good mix of education as well as fellowship and entertainment to make sure that it is a truly impactful experience. for all that attend.”

Visit for an overview of the event, schedules and details about award winners and candidates.

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