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Nationwide Corn and Soybean Planting Improves by Double Digits

(WASHINGTON D.C.) – The final week of April proved to be a good one for corn and soybean planting across the country.

According to USDA’s Weekly Crop Progress Report, corn and soybean planting increased double digit percentages in the week ending Sunday, April 30th, 2023. Corn planting now stands at 26% complete nationwide with soybean planting now 19% complete. Illinois is one of the states farthest along with 40% of corn and 39% of soybeans planted. Iowa is 29% and 16% planted respectively.

Both North Dakota and South Dakota have not shown any corn or soybean planting as of yet while Minnesota is 5% and 1% planted to corn and soybeans.

Spring wheat planting nationwide advanced along this week to 12% complete as of Sunday, April 30th, 2023. North Dakota is now 6% planted, South Dakota at 17% planted but Minnesota is still not in the ground as of Sunday. That is well behind the five year average of 16% for the week ended April 30th.

Winter wheat condition nationwide is just 28% good to excellent with poor to very poor rated at 42% nationwide. Kansas wheat is 64% poor to very poor as last week’s rains could only help so much in the drought stricken areas of the Southern and Central Plains.

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