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Young Farmers Testify on Challenges, Need for Farm Bill

America’s farmers and ranchers are counting on Congress to deliver a new, modernized farm bill. That was the message delivered by Kevin Lussier, Chair of Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers &Ranchers Committee.

“The future of American dairy farming depends on investment in the next generation,” he said. “By increasing access, we can ensure the next generation of farmers have the tools and resources we need to thrive.” He also stressed the need for Congress to pass a farm bill this year.

Tessa Parks, a young farmer from Minnesota, testified on behalf of the National Farmers Union. “The farm safety net favors larger and more established farms, land is expensive, and capital is difficult to access,” she said. “Ongoing consolidation limits our access to a fair and open marketplace.”

The hearing took place before the Senate Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Commodities, Risk Management, and Trade.

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