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Corn, Soybean and Spring Wheat Conditions Improve Nationwide

(WASHINGTON D.C.)– The nationwide condition of corn, soybeans and spring wheat improved slightly this past week while the nation’s cotton crop took another hit.

According to the latest Crop Progress report from USDA, corn and soybeans nationwide jumped one percentage point in the good to excellent category this week to stand at 68% in both crops. Last year corn was 55% and soybeans were 50% for the first week of July. Spring wheat nationwide jumped three percentage points to now stand at 75% good to excellent as of Sunday, July 7th.

Winter wheat harvest continues to advance and now stands at 63% complete as of Sunday. That is up nine points from last week’s 54% number.

Meantime, the U.S. cotton crop continues to struggle under heat and dry conditions as the crop fell five points this week to stand at 45% good to excellent. Cotton is now down 11 points in just two weeks time.

You can view the full Crop Progress report here:

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