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To Shutdown or Not to Shutdown? That is the Question.

Why can’t we govern effectively anymore?

Maybe it’s me getting older (and probably not wiser), but I find myself asking that question more and more these days. As I read the articles from CNN, Fox News, Politico, Wall Street Journal, NewsNation and so many other news organizations; the headlines all seem to be the same.

“Government Shutdown Looming” or “Hardline House Members Threaten Shutdown” or something to that affect. It appears we are racing quickly towards another government shutdown by September 30th. My question is why? Who does this actually help? Won’t this hurt our country and the average American MORE if we shut down the government?

Now, I don’t like to talk politics publicly or privately to be honest. It has never been my thing. I pay attention to the issues during the big election cycles or the cycles in my town, find a candidate I align with and cast my vote. But something has got to give with this current track we are on.

I think in terms of agriculture; a new Farm Bill pushed back even farther in time, potential of no USDA October reports depending on the length of a shutdown, what does a shutdown do to an already fragile economy with high inflation and interest rates nearing 6% with another Fed rate hike looming?

None of this, in my opinion, is good for anyone involved.

It brings me back to my original point; why can’t we govern effectively anymore? I think the answer is simple: too many people either want to push individual agendas OR they simply want to be a major media star and point of conversation. Their TikTok and X (Twitter) following is more important than doing the job they were elected to do.

That’s not everyone on Capitol Hill, but it encompasses quite a few people on both sides of the aisle in my opinion.

I’m sure my few words here fall on deaf ears. I’m not someone in power. The reach of my microphone and my words here only goes so far. I just wish more people would ask the same question I’m asking and maybe something might change.

Here’s to hoping someday, we can govern effectively again. -JA

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