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The Iowa Caucuses Are Here, Let the Silly Season Commence

(NASHVILLE, TN)– As I look out over a fresh 4-5 inches of snow in Nashville on the morning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I think about all of my friends, family and former neighbors who are trekking out in the Polar Vortex for today’s Iowa Caucuses.

As a former resident of the Hawkeye State, I have taken part in a couple of caucuses before myself and know first hand how important the process can be in a Presidential election season. I believe that the 2024 Iowa Caucus could be one of the most important of all time, or at least in the last 30 years.

Former President Donald Trump is widely expected to win the Iowa Caucuses and continue his campaign towards the Republican nomination for President. Republican Candidates Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis seem to be fighting it out for second place and an outside shot at challenging former President Trump for the nomination.

In my eyes, this evening’s results could tell us quite a bit about how many folks in rural America view the state of our country and economy. If Trump were to win by a historic margin tonight, I think that could be an early indication of what is to come in the days and weeks ahead. A recent Agri-Pulse and Stratovation Group poll found that 39% of farmers surveyed would most likely vote for Trump as well. It seems the all early indications are we are on the verge of another Trump-Biden battle for the presidency.

And I believe that rural America will have a major voice in this Presidential election cycle. It seems by and large folks are upset with the state of our economy, the state of politics in Washington D.C. and that could have long standing affects on this election.

However, I think our issues go beyond who is sitting in the Oval Office. There is so much divisiveness and non-partisanship in this country right now that is simply, overwhelmingly frustrating. I can’t remember a time when this country was as deeply divided as it is right now; including what I believe is a major urban/rural divide.

I urge everyone to think long and hard about the issues that matter to them and try to silence the noise and make informed decisions during this election cycle. But, I also urge people to have more honest and frank conversations without the name calling and jabs that is tearing at our country.

Have a good old fashioned coffee shop, Midwest type conversation with folks. Understand that our views will be different. Remember that we all want things to get better and will have differences of opinion on how to get there. And hope that the silly season of Presidential politics doesn’t tear our country further apart.

Stay warm in the bitter cold and let the silly season commence. -JA

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